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Sustainable Living and DIY LInks:

How-To DIY
The Complete How-To Book of Indiancraft: 68 Projects for Authentic Indian Articles – Walter Ben Hunt
How to – Brain Tanning Hides –
How to Make a Bacon Grease Survival Candle –
How to build a better brick rocket stove for $10 –
How to improve on the basic brick rocket stove –
How to build a solar dehydrator –
How To: Make Apple Vinegar From Scratch –
How to Build a Solar Oven –
Marugg Scythe Blades –
Scythe Supply –
How to Mow or Reap with a scythe – Bushwack – Trim with a sickle –
How to make soap – Homemade Soap At Marsha’s –
Hulda Clark’s Borax Soap
Soap Queen –
Hand Powdered Washing Machine –
Best Hand Clothes Wringer –
Things To Do With Calendula – Free E Book ( No Strings attached ) –
Things to do with Dandelions – free ebook –
Deodorant (without aluminum) –
Home dairying By Marcella Shaffer –
The Joys of Using An Outhouse –
3 Easy DIY Greenhouses for Under $300 –
and –
Ana White | Build a Barn Greenhouse –
Free Gardening & Greenhouses Plans –
Free long-term automatic food storage calculator –
Irish Swimming Pool –
Tips for putting together a survival library by an information junkie –
Hand Powdered Washing Machine –
Best Hand Clothes Wringer –
DIY laundry soap – Liquid form (what I use) –
Powdered form (make sure to keep in airtight container or it becomes a rock!) –
Fels Naptha – 26 Uses –
DIY pallet swing bed –
Earthships –
13 Pioneer Skills you may need –
recycle pallets –
recycle pallets –
How to Keep the NSA Out of Your Computer –
2 Way Radio Frequencies –
Build your own solar-powered water pumping station By Jeffrey Yago, P.E., CEM –
Converting a Bicycle into a Plow –
The Planet Whizbang Wheel Hoe –
Water fuel cell lecture, part 1 –
33 Awesome DIY Projects for Preppers –

Wild Forager –
Survival Plants Memory Course –
1514 pictures of 235 different plants and mushrooms taken on ”Wildman” Steve Brill wild edible foraging tours in the NYC area. –

DIY Solar panels
How To Build A Homemade Solar Panel –
Used Solar Electric &
Renewable Energy Equipment –
Build-It-Solar –
Backwoods Solar – (see the learning center for useful info)
Videos of DIY solar –
DIY Home Solar: Planning a Solar Array (Beginner’s Guide) –
Solar Power System –

Breeds of Livestock –
Bee Breeds and their Qualities –
Go Shopping in the Global Grocery –
Leeners Cheese Making Shop –
Fifty Free Farmstead eBooks –
50 zucchini recipes –
and –
Educational Concerns For Hunger Organization –
The Journey to Homesteading –
The Master Gardeners – Adams County, PA and Frederick, MD –
Let the SUN –
National Gardening Association –
National Sustainable Agricultural Information Center –
Peak Oil: The End of the Oil Age –
Path To Freedom –
Ready Nutrition –
World Changing –
National Gardening Association – –
Essential Gardening Guide –
Organic Gardening –
Tropical Traditions – Coconut oil and more –

U.S. City Dwellers Flock to Raising Chickens –
‘Chicken coop for a small flock” by Gene Logsdon –
CHICKEN FEED: The World of Chickens –
The ICYouSee Handy-Dandy Chicken Chart –
Chicken Coop 101: Thirteen Lessons We’ve Learned –

Raising Goats 
Breeds of Goats –
Information on the care and keeping of dairy goats- Fias Co. Farm –
So You’re New To Goats (Part 1) –
GoatWorld –

Bee Breeds and their Qualities –
Beekeeping Tips for Beginners –
Beekeeping Naturally – Bush Bees –
URBAN BEE GARDENS – A Practical Guide To Introducing The World’s Most Prolific Pollinators Into Your Garden –
American Beekeeping Federation –
DIY Backyard Beekeeping: A Guide for Beginners – –
Basic Beekeeping – Long Lane Honey Bee Farms –
FatBeeMan – one of our favorite YT bee info channels –
Natural Beekeeping – Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture by Ross Conrad
Keeping Bees by Ashley English (a good basic bee book) – Olympic Wilderness Apiary – a great resource for folks in the PNW


Not necessarily all soap safe

Fragrance Info
Soapqueen Vanilla content chart of various FOs
Are Fragrance Oils Good for the Skin?
Blending Essential Oils for Beginners
Soapqueen on10x orange essential oil
Robert Tisserand on re-distilled essential oils
Robert Tisserand. How to extend the Life of Your Essential Oils
Give Your Essential Oils More Staying Power
Understanding Essential Oil & Fragrance Guidelines
Common & Uncommon Essential & Carrier Oil Questions

Make Ingredients & Tools at Home
Making Mango Butter & other things to do with the seeds
Make your own Essential & Infused oils
Easy Apple Cider Vinegar Recipe
How to Extract-Lanolin-from-Sheep's-Wool

Plants & Herbs

Multi Herb/Plant
A Modern Herbal by Mrs M Grieve (read online)
Drying & Storing Herbs
Infusing Oils & a list of herbs & their uses
Calendula -
Carrot - Carrots, Carrot Juice, Carrot seed oil, Carrot oil,
Chamomile -
Chickweed -
Dandelion -
Health Benefits of Dandelion
English Ivy -
 Grapes -
Horsetail -
Jewelweed -
Lavender - Lavender, parts to use
Licorice -
Ginger -
Plantain - Plantain weed
Pomegranate -
Rosemary -

Skin Conditions
Acne -
Eczema -
Ingrown Hairs -

Other Additives
Add Salt to Your Soap to Increase Hardness

Troubleshooting on DOS
physicsforums on ash
Gracefruit Troubleshooting HP