Kale has had its heyday. Cauliflower enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame. And while we love them both, we think it's time another veggie got its moment in the spotlight, and we can’t think of a better candidate than zucchini. It recently piqued the world’s attention with the introduction of spiralized “zoodles”, but that’s just one example of zucchini’s impressive versatility.
Given that it's also super nutritious—the summer squash boasts cancer-fighting antioxidants, manganese and potassium for nerve and brain health, immunity-boosting vitamin C, antibody-building vitamin B6, and skin-protecting lutein—you shouldn't hesitate to add it to recipes. Still, if its impressive nutritional profile doesn’t blow you away, perhaps these recipes will. Whether it’s rolled into meatballs, baked into potato tots, or blended into ice cream, there's way more to zucchini than noodles (though we included recipes for that too).