Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Israeli Military Brass Support Iran Deal

Haaretz reports that an impressive list of top Israeli military brass support the deal with Iran. These military leaders wrote a letter to Netanyahu urging him to support the Iran deal.
Because it’s hard to read names jammed together without any organization, here’s a list of some of the military bigwigs (all now retired) who signed the letter:
  • Shlomo Gaza, Chief of Intelligence, Major General
  • Carmi Gillon, Director of Israel Security Agency
  • Ami Ayalon, Vice Admiral, Director of Israel Security Agency
  • Itamar Yaar, Colonel Deputy Israeli National Security Council
  • Arie Pellman, Israeli Security Agency official
  • Amiram Levin, deputy of the Mossad director, Major General
  • Itzhak Barzilay, Mossad official
  • Nathan Sharony, Major General, head of planning for the armed forces
Numerous admirals and generals signed the letter as well:
  • David Ben Bashat, Vice Admiral
  • Micha Ram, Vice Admiral
  • Alex Tal, Vice Admiral
  • Amira Dotan, Brigadier General, member of Parliament
  • Uzi Eilam, Brigadier General, Director of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission
  • Aviezer Yaari, Major General
  • Giora Romm, Major General
  • Moshe Lichtman, Major General
  • Amram Mitzna, Major General, member of Parliament
  • Abraham Almog, Brigadier General, Medal of Courage
  • Asher Levy, Brigadier General
  • Yossi Gonen, Brigadier General
  • Giora Inbar, Brigadier General
  • Arie Keren, Brigadier General
  • Yoram Cohen, Brigadier General
  • Shlomo Egozy. Brigadier General
  • Yosef Eyal, Brigadier General
  • Asaf Agmon, Brigadier General
  • Uriel Agmon, Brigadier General
  • Yoram Agmon, Brigadier General
  • Amos Amir Brigadier General
  • Mordechai ‘Motke’ Ben Porat, Brigadier General
  • Shaul Gavoli, Police Major Geneneral, LDF Brigadier General
  • Ilan Paz, Brigadier General
  • Yitzhak Rabin, Brigadier General
  • Giora Ram (Furman), PhD, Brigadier General
  • Yaron Ram, Brigadier General
  • Gilad Ramot, Brigadier General
  • Gilad Raz, Brigadier General
  • lftach Spector, Brigadier General
  • Benny Taran , Brigadier General
  • Aharon Vardi, Brigadier General
  • Shlomo Waxe. Brigadier General
  • Izak Zamir, Brigadier General
  • Gadi Zohar, Brigadier General
  • Amnon Reshef, General
  • Ran Ronen, General
  • Danny Rothschild, General
In addition, numerous top Israeli military brass have previously come out in favor of the Iran deal, including:
  • Efraim Halevy, Mossad Director; former head of National Security Council
  • Shlomo Ben-Ami, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Internal Security
  • Shlomo Brom, brigadier general; former director of IDF strategic planning division; former deputy national security advisor
  • Uzi Arad, national security advisor
  • Dov Tamari, military intelligence chief; former head of special operations
  • Chuck Freilich, deputy national security advisor
  • Yitzhak Ben-Yisrael, Chair of Israel’s space agency; former IDF general
  • Uzi Even, lead scientist at Israel’s Dimona nuclear reactor
  • Eran Etzion, Deputy Head of the Israeli National Security Council; former Head of Policy Planning at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Israel Ziv, major general
  • Eli Levite, deputy director general of Israel’s atomic energy commission


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