Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Transplanting Strawberry Runners

pictures of strawberry runnersNow that I am basically starting from ground zero on my garden, I am being super diligent about getting the most out of everything I’ve planted. The strawberries that I planted this spring are starting to send off runners, and I plan to make the most out of every one of them. I am pulling up each runner and replanting them on their own. Not only does it increase the size of my strawberry patch, it’s actually healthier for the main plant–it isn’t providing nutrients to extra leaves, when it should be using them for fruit.
I have always been kind of obsessed with planting all of my runners {even if it means supplying neighbors with their own strawberry patch}, so rather than re-invent the wheel, I thought I’d go through one of my previous how-to’s for transplanting strawberry runners:
If you have never replanted strawberry runners before, it’s simple.

First, find where the runner has laid down roots.  Basically, just gently lift the plant up until you see where it is connected to the ground {how’s that for putting it simply?}

Carefully lift up the strawberry runner,  leaving the roots intact.  I use a garden spade to loosen the soil around the root and lift it out of the ground.  You will be keeping the runner attached to the “mother” plant for now–that sounds like a space ship scenario.

Place the roots in a 3 inch container and cover with moist potting soil.

Leave potted runners where they are for about 6-8 weeks, watering as needed.  When the roots are well established, snip the runner about 6″ from the “vine” and move to the desired planting area.  Remove from the pot, plant new strawberry plants and cover lightly with straw or leaf litter until spring, to protect the new strawberry plants.
The following spring your new strawberry plants should emerge and you’ll be able to enjoy strawberry desserts all summer long.  Wahooo… Three cheers for fresh strawberries that actually TASTE like strawberries.
P.S. Did you know you can actually BUY strawberry seeds?  Has anyone ever grown strawberries from seed before?  I haven’t, but I’m curious about it.


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