Wednesday, August 5, 2015

WATCH: Jon Stewart Sizes Up Gaffe-Machine Joe Biden's Entry Into the 2016 Race

This should be fun.

Jon Stewart, with only three episodes left, began his show Tuesday night catching up with the latest in non-Trump GOP news, most notably Texas cartoon Senator Ted Cruz, who felt that the best way to stand out last week was to make breakfast by shooting a machine gun with strips of bacon wrapped around it.
"You don't need bacon to make America like guns? It's not a salad!" Stewart lamented.
"At least it's fun to watch. The Democratic primary is one joyless Bataan death march to a Hillary Clinton nomination." Stewart joked. "Sure,  Bernie Sanders is drawing crowds in the thousands, but for some reason the 'media' has decided you can't be a serious candidate if your hair looks like your dick got caught in an electrical socket."
But wait: enter Joe "The Gaffe" Biden, whose biggest downside -- saying really dumb stuff -- has suddenly turned into his greatest quality.
"Whoa? Joe Biden?" the Daily Show host asked perplexed. "Joe, 'says you can't go into a 7/11 without running into a guy with an Indian accident-asks a guy in a wheelchair to stand up-praise a man's dead mom even though she's still alive,' Biden? How's this going to play out?" Stewart would go on to play a series of clips of pundits praising Biden's candid style, much to Jon's confusion.
Suddenly now Biden's gaffe's are an asset?
Watch the clip to judge for yourself:


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