Monday, January 18, 2016

And The Winner Of The Democrat Debate Is...

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Judging from the unbiased mainstream liberal media, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic debate last night thanks to her "formidable" performance "combined with her intelligence." The puke-worthy gushfest from can de read here, but is summarized best as follows:

The National Journal is a little more "balanced" -

And here's the critical moment - in our opinion...

"The first difference is I don't take money from big banks. I don't get personal speaking fees from Goldman Sachs," Sanders said.

Clinton and Sanders then tussled at length over Wall Street regulations.

"Goldman Sachs [was] recently fined $5 billion," he said. "Goldman Sachs has given this country two secretaries of Treasury — one on the Republicans, one on the Democrats."

He continued by addressing Clinton directly: "You've received over $600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs in one year. I find it very strange that a major financial institution that pays $5 billion in fines for breaking the laws, not one of their executives is prosecuted while kids who smoke marijuana get a jail sentence."
Which makes us wonder how the mainstream continues to suckle at the Clinton teet, when this data is exposed...


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