Monday, February 8, 2016

Bill Clinton Slams "Sexist" Sanders 'Trolling'... Yeah Seriously

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Following Madeleine Albright's ugly statements, it is very clear from today's outbursts from Bill Clinton that Hillary is growing more and more desperate as Bernie Sanders' bumbling socialism trumps a lying, cheating, crony capitalist... "Vicious trolling," Clinton dubbed apparent Sanders' comments made towards female Clinton supporters, "that are literally too profane often - not to mention sexist - to repeat."
Echoing President Obama's "peddling fiction" narrative deriding anyone who disagrees with the official narrative,  Bill Clinton also said Sanders' message was "hermetically-sealed" from reality and ridiculed its implication that "anybody that doesn't agree... is a tool of the establishment.'"
Perhaps this is why...

And we suspect it will get worse as the FBI investigation comes to a head.



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