Most of the fluoride that is added to our water comes from China and it is ladened with heavy metals.
Natural News had a recent investigative report that confirms the fear, proving that all of America’s fluoride additives are imported from China, and they contain heavy metals.
Lead, tungsten, and aluminum have been found in the sodium fluoride that is added to the U.S. water supply.

Test results
Samples collected from all six Chinese suppliers were tested and the following results were found.  They listed the average contamination levels fo the tested samples and broke out the highest levels of each toxic metal.
From Natural News:
Highest levels found (in parts per billion)
-aluminum: 283,218 ppb
-strontium: 9,417 ppb
-uranium: 1,415 ppb
-lead: 988 ppb
-arsenic: 137 ppb
-tungsten: presence confirmed in 2 of 6 samples but quantitative analysis not conducted on tungsten
Average levels found (in parts per billion)
-aluminum: 69,364 ppb
-strontium: 1,751 ppb
-lead: 299 ppb
-uranium: 239 ppb
-arsenic: 70 ppb
Fluoridated water is a big business and for them to save money, companies want to find a cheaper souce of fluoride.  
According to Bernard Miltenberger, president of the Pure Water Committee of Western Maryland, “Much of the fluoride added to municipal water supplies across the United States is imported from China, and is contaminated with heavy metals.’
Miltenberger had contacted another Maryland filtration plant and it was discovered that the fluoride that was used derives from China and play host to toxic heavy metals.
“The material safety data sheets from Solvay fluorides show that a teaspoon amount of five grams of sodium fluoride can be fatal to an average size man of 70kg. … chronic toxicity by oral route may cause skeletal and dental fluorosis, thyroid, testes, kidney, liver, ambiguous carcinogenic and mutagenic effects, fetotoxic and fertility effects.”
What the government says about fluoride should not be trusted.  No evidence can be found that proves fluoride is safe.  Fluoride comes from fluorine, which is a toxic byproduct of aluminum mining.  America is on the top of the fluoride consumption list, with a staggering 60% mark.  To compare, 97% of western Europe rejected water that’s been fluoridated, due to the proven health risk.