Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Over a Million AZ Voters Disenfranchised; Sanders Voters Stand in Long Lines Only to be Denied the Right to Vote; Official Results Appear Flipped/Rigged

 March 22, 2016. Arizona.  Tonight, voters in Arizona, who are continuing to stand in line to vote are angry that the state's Democratic primary has been called for Hillary Clinton when the majority of Bernie Sanders's voters have not been allowed to vote.  As election day began, it was learned that 1.3  million voters who reportedly would have voted for Sanders were disenfranchised from voting in the  Democratic primary.  Additionally, significant numbers of  registered Democratic voters who were told they were not on the Democratic voting lists included long-time Democrats who had voted in the Democratic primaries before  without any problem.   Others who properly switched their party were told they were also not on the list.  At best , these Democratic voters were told, they could vote a provisional ballot which would not be counted today.  

Those who continued to wait in long lines late into the night to vote had to combat discouragement from a corporate media that kept telling their votes wouldn't matter as Clinton had already won.

What is odd is that those reporting they were denied the right to vote were primarily Sanders supporters.  Last weekend, Sanders campaign workers in Arizona were concerned that their voter information database may have been hacked.  This database contained information from voter surveys, showing which specific voters were supporting which Sanders as opposed to Clinton.  The final day, volunteers had to go out with paper lists because of the hacking problem.   Were these extensive lists used to determine which voters would be removed from the voter roles?  Adding to the confusion were the closing of 140 polling locations in Arizona's most populous County, limiting Maricopa residents to 60 polling place.  The long lines favored the leisure class, particularly the top one-percenters, who are favoring Clinton, and disfavored the ninety-nine percenters who the Clinton team doesn't want voting.  It is difficult to expect middle and lower class voters, most of whom backed Bernie Sanders, to take four or more hours off work to vote.  Yet, videos show significant numbers of Sanders supporters did just that.

Writers for the Justice Gazette were in Phoenix on March 21st and conducted their own poll, which showed a probable victory for Bernie Sanders of at least 60 to 40%.  Observers who have engaged in polling and speaking with Arizona voters, say "Impossible" and "Bull...t" to the official numbers which which supposedly include 100% of Maricopa County which had thousands of voters still standing in line with a likely four or more hours to wait as they were told that 100% of the Maricopa results were in and the county had already voted for Clinton.  Voters who actually voted have expressed shock as they do not believe the results either.  Even more in shock are those voters who continue to wait in long lines, hoping that they will be able to vote when they get to the front of the line.  Even if more than a million Arizona voters were not allowed to vote for Sanders, the people of Arizona know he was their popular choice.  The media cannot keep the people from talking to each other.

It  is interesting that TylerPedigo.co0 had a projection more in line with that found by the Justice Gazette polling.  The official result is essentially the inversion of both the polling and the projection.  This is all indicative of vote-flipping.  Vote flipping is an easy trick that takes place when the votes for the winning candidate are flipped with the losing candidate.  According to voting software experts, this can be done within one minute without a trace.  A paper trail doesn't stop this as it can be done at the tabulator level or while making the paper trail appear accurate.  Even if the vote was flipped, with the extent of the disenfranchisement and calling of the election while thousands of voters  were waiting in line to vote smacks of election fixing.

Arizonans want their votes counted, not created.  The Arizona Democratic Party, which is biased in favor of Clinton and in favor of the rigged result has promised to look into the matter.  Voters are not holding their breath and many are calling for a new election in which all the votes and not just the Clinton votes are counted.

Suppose only 20% of those disenfranchised or forced to vote provisional ballots for Sanders are added into his total.  That result would  be more consistent with the polling.

When an election is won by rigging and preventing the voters from voting, that is not a victory but a lie.  The Justice Gazette calls for a new election in which all the voters in Arizona can vote or for the forfeiture of Clinton's delegates in that state.

Below are three videos uploaded to by Arizona voters. Two are of the long voting lines with an estimation that it would take until 1 A.M. for voters in the line waiting after the 7 P.M. closing time to vote.  Another video shows one of the voters who was registered to vote in the Democratic primary but who was refused a regular ballot.

How can an election result in a major loss for the winner?

1) Disenfranchise people trying to vote for the popular candidate --happened today in Arizona.
2) Cut the number of polling places to provide confusion and make it harder for supporters of the popular candidate to vote. --happened today in Arizona.
4) Force voters for the popular candidate to vote provisional instead of regular ballots--happened today in Arizona.
5)Get the news media to call the election before it's over in order to discourage supporters of the popular candidate who are still standing in line waiting to vote--happened this evening in Arizona.

If a determined candidate still doesn't think cheat can cheat the majority of voters out of a victory for her opponent with the above techniques, she can simply have one of her software experts flip the vote.    it doesn't matter if there is a paper-trail as long as the tabulator is a machine.    Watch the video of Hacking Democracy, from Public Interest Pictures, which shows how easy it is to rig tabulators and other voting machines.

Ask yourself, how the news media called the election on 1% of the vote for Hillary Clinton as tens of thousands of Arizonians in the various counties continued to have more than a four hour wait ahead of them to vote. How did they know that those who hadn't yet voted could not vote in a way that would make a difference?   Was the vote being determined by something other than the voters?  If the media calls were honest, why why did the networks wait so long after the end of voting in Idaho and Utah to call those two states where it could not be denied that Sanders won by a landslide?


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