Friday, August 19, 2016

John Oliver's bit on objecting to Trump's statements about Hillary and Obama being the founders of ISIS

For those that may be lost when Trump talks about Obama and Hillary being the founders of ISIL, here is a quick guide to what he is talking about.
Diplomatic cables were leaked in reference to the intentions of the U.S. government to overthrow the government of Syria, Bashar Al-Assad. The cables basically stated that the U.S. Intended to install a US-backed puppet-government in Syria and the Al-Assad could either step aside and let us do just that or that we would force him out. Bashar Al-Assad basically told the United States to go fuck themselves and thus began the financial and support campaigns for rebels in Syria on behalf of the U.S, foreign policy that we have conducted many times in the past.
Rewind...In 2005, former Army 4-star General Wesley Clark leaked, very publically, stated that shortly after 9/11 the Joint Chiefs of Staff planned the overthrow of 7 countries over the course of 5 years. What were those countries? Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and Sudan. Think about what has happened in those countries over the last 16 years... Enter John McCain, the catalyst that was used to finance ISIS. Sound hard to believe? Go to Google and type in ‘John McCain ISIS.’ You will find a treasure trove of pictures of John McCain in the same room and posing with Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi, one of the founding members of ISIS, in 2013 when McCain went to Syria to facilitate arms trades to rebel factions in Syria. There is also a massive amount of footage of John McCain stating he has friends in the rebellion in Syria and that he is in frequent contact with them. We provided cash, weapons, and various supplies to the rebel factions. We are still providing this aid to "moderate" rebel factions to this day, all of which are aligned and have treaties with ISIL. When Hillary Clinton is questioned, she will use to following excuses:
  1. She is the head of the state department, her job is to serve the objectives of U.S. Foreign Policy, as directed by the President of the United States.
  2. The parties supported were “freedom fighters” fight a oppressive regime. Any actions, such as beheadings, torture, extermination based on religion, was unknown and not condoned.
  3. The regime mentioned used chemical weapons and violated laws of armed conflict(which will later be dispelled).
For those that think that sounds far fetched, here is a list of over 50 countries that the CIA worked to overthrow over the last 70 years. Just to set the record straight, this isn’t a conspiracy theory, these are countries that were were overthrown by the CIA’s Special Activity Division and is a part of history; not theory, not made up bullshit; this all actually happened and is openly admitted to by the United States government and has been documented by multiple reputable sources.
(This is hearsay) Supposedly the death of Chris Stevens in the Beghazi attacks were brought about because Ambassador Stevens was going to blow the Whistle on the head of the State Department, Hillary Clinton, for funneling weapons, supplies, and fighters in to Syria out of Libya, violating the Logan Act. The accusation implicating Hillary Clinton in the death of Chris Stevens is that sensitive information was purposely made available to local terrorist cells in Benghazi and Quick Reaction Forces were recalled when requests for support were made, thus facilitating the assassination of Chris Stevens and silencing his potential expose of Hillary Clinton.
(As mentioned previously)So what about this whole talk that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against civilians and rebels? Well that information was found to have been altered by the United States media to garner support for war against Syria in 2013. The BBC was caught blantantly falisfying evidence and stated the Syrian government was responsible for the chemical weapon attacks. The MSM was forced to drop the narrative after multiple exposes revealed that the MSM altered the footage and blamed the Syrian Government when in fact it was the Free Syrian Army and Al-Nusra that launched the attacks, a rebel faction that was heavily funded and supplied by the United States Government. The U.N. even later made statements clearing the government of Syria and blamed rebel factions for the attacks.
When the government campaigned for war to support the al-Qaedia backed rebels, this is when we saw troops posting pictures in their uniforms with signs stating “I didn’t join the United States military to support al-qaeda in Syria.” After massive amounts of similar pictures and likely very stern statements being said, the United States was forced to drop the narrative all together to avoid a mass mutiny within the U.S. Military, though there exists some statements that "soft-coups" did occur within the Pentagon in 2015.
The purpose of funding these factions was that through US aid the rebels would overthrow Bashar Al-Assad and we could then install a puppet government.
All this information is public and evidence is readily available and ranges from high-ranking leakers to diplomatic cables to former members of the DoD coming forward admitting that the U.S. founded ISIS through funding rebels to overthrow the government of Syria.. CNN, Fox, and MSNBC wont be reporting this information. Why? These news sources are bought and paid for by the U.S. Government. Does that sound far fetched? Well, here is CNN, award winning reporter, Amber Lyon, stating that multiple governments pay CNN, and other news agencies, to report and fake news stories and highlight news stories that put governments in a positive light.
The narrative is now aimed to demonize Russia, the biggest country that is actively wiping out ISIS in Syria and is directly supporting the government of Syria. Why do we demonize Russia? There exists residual cold-war hatred of Russia and Russia has publically denounced the globalist objectives of the United States. Russia is also allied with Syria and since we are using rebel factions and ISIL to facilitate the removal of Bashar Al-Assad, the same people we claim to be against but are using to facilitate regime change, we are inherently against them.
Bombing of hospitals? Both sides did it. Why? Both sides are at the mercy of shitty intelligence objectives by blowing up the hospital of their enemies. Both the United States and Russia and have bombed hospitals. Only the United States had bombed schools full of children, as well, in multiple theaters of war, many times. And if you want to make the argument that somehow the United States is above other countries bombing the wrong targets, I have personally worked with contractors that were led to believe that their targets were valuable targets only to watch small children flee burning buildings after airstrikes.
It is important to note that what I have laid out transcends both republican and democratic parties and that what is happening today isn’t a democrat problem, nor a republican problem; it is a bad government and foreign policy problem that has been dictated at echelons above the government. Hillary Clinton is at the very tip of the spear and will continue the diplomatic objectives that were laid out under the Bush, continued by the Obama administration, and will lead us further down the path of war, the loss of our troops, and further drive us in to debt under the guise of spreading democracy and freedom.
This has to stop. The problems we face today were created by us to fuel the war-machine. Our economy prospers while millions suffer and our only effort in solving the problem is to throw more gas on the fire so that a select few politicians and corporations make financial gains. Stop Hillary. Elect Trump. Make the media transparent again.
Stay focused on this issue because what is happening in Syria will be the catalyst for future events. This is important extremely important, and my words cannot impart how significant the coming months will be in regards to Syria and the elections.


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